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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
"For the moment the only workaround is to disable Windows Update, I don't like this but the alternative is a unusable laptop"

"Never Check for Updates"
Melita, disabling Windows updates is not a bad workaround. In fact, I think for people that come to security forums and are usually aware about what Microsoft is patching or fixing when they release their updates is probably best to set WU to Never check for updates. And then, after reading about the updates before and after they come out, do them manually.

I usually take my time doing Windows updates. The result is that I never have problems with updates. Sometimes I start doing them a few days after they get released, sometime I do them in bunches and sometimes, I might take weeks before I do an update that seems to create problems for many users. It all depends but for me, works good doing updates this way.

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