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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
I'm thinking that a likely cause of this problem is an update program
Originally Posted by Remah View Post
[URL="this one"]this one
I am trying to post this link here but it is not working. What I am referring to here is the very last link at the bottom right of your post which says "this one". Well, I got the actual link so here it is:
This last link in your post confirmed your suspicions. At the same time it shed completely new light on my problem. I read every individual post in this Microsoft forum thread. Now I am more optimistic that a solution may be found. It is comforting to know that thousands (or even more!), of others are having the identical problem. It is a very long Thread, still active with half a dozen new posts daily.
Here are a few short extracts:

"We just found out the reason it's using so much memory now and not three months ago. It's because three months ago we changed our wsus server to a 2012R2 instead of a 2003, this updated the WU client to version 7.6.7600.320 which apparently uses much more RAM"

"My niece has a laptop with 2 GB of RAM running under Windows 7 x64. Her laptop has also become unresponsive after the Windows Update client updated to 7.6.7600.320. The svchost would sometimes consume as much as 1.5 GB of RAM which would render her laptop unusable. She has disabled Windows Updates. Is there a fix available? Thanks"

"We have over 30 different laptop at our repair shop right now all running into this issue. The all started havening this is issue after SP1 was installed on them and the update manager updated. We have resorted to manually installing update off network. This fixes it for now but the issue still persists cause it lock up 1.8-3.5 GB RAM just when checking for updates. After locating the updates and during download and install it goes down to less than 700MB"

"For the moment the only workaround is to disable Windows Update, I don't like this but the alternative is a unusable laptop"

"What the heck is Microsoft doing? Do they really REALLY think we are going to get Windows 10 when they aren't even capable of fixing this piece of .... of a massive problem? They are letting - well - millions of users ? alone with this"

"Just to let everyone know we have some machines with Windows 7 enterprise version with 4GB of RAM with the same issue"

This is just a few samples. Thousands are having the identical problem. I have fixed Windows to "Never Check for Updates" Since then I downloaded a 1GB movie in 22 mts. and watched it on VLC player without any hick-up (CPU about 30%, Total Physical memory about 800MB - average usage).

It is a pleasure to use the computer since I blocked updates! svchost is peacefully there at under 70,000KB

Thank you,

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