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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
  • A memory upgrade becomes more important if the system has integrated graphics (built into the motherboard) which shares the main memory. This reduces the memory available to Windows. In this case, a low-end 1GHz CPU is usually accompanied by low-end integrated graphics (such as Intel HD) rather than a dedicated graphics card with its own dedicated video memory.
Well that's precisely so in this case. If you look at the Speccy report which Melita included with this post you will see it's an AMD C-50. (BTW, the report is in a zip file).

Melita, I am pretty puzzled about this computer. I have a few questions.
  1. Where did you get this computer? I ask because something makes me feel it wasn't released in the North American market.
  2. Your Speccy report says your RAM is a 2GB Kingston PC3-10700 (667 MHz) part No. ACR256X64D3S1333C9 yet I couldn't find it on Kingston's site. Your laptop model isn't listed there either. I couldn't find anything for PC3-10700 RAM on Amazon either. For that matter, I couldn't find RAM for your laptop on Amazon.
  3. What may be even more important is my research tells me your laptop should be using low voltage RAM (i.e. 1.35V), however, your Speccy report says your RAM is 1.5V. You shouldn't really use higher voltage RAM than specified.
  4. I think your laptop may be capable of using faster RAM than what is installed. We already know you don't have much RAM but there's no reason why that RAM should be slower than specified.
I'm not expert, but all the same, I'd like to clarify the above. Could you shed any light? Did anyone ever change your RAM? A computer repair shop maybe? Actually, I'm not really sure what would happen if your RAM was swapped with a slower module but I am just trying to cover all bases.

Should you run multiple AV scans and find anything, make sure you quarantine instead of delete until such time you can tell for sure it's malware. Deleting files that turns out to be false positives could land you in trouble.

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