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Default Suggestions for the Novo button?

I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 on my Lenovo laptop this weekend. It was the first time I ever attempted a clean install but I prepared for it and every thing went as smoothly as can be expected.

In case you don't know, all Lenovo laptops come with a Novo button. This is a physical button that you can press to open a backup and recovery program called Lenovo OneKey Recovery. The button even works when the computer is Off, so you can use it to recover your computer from an image you made previously.

After the clean install, I didn't reinstall the OneKey software as I'm currently using Macrium as my backup program and I'm quite satisfied with. Obviously, I can't really expect the button to work because of this. However, if possible, I would like to make use of this button seeing that it is already on my laptop.

I searched and found a free program called Lenovo OKR (Novo) Button Mapper. This program lets me to choose any program or file to open when I press the Novo button. For the record, I have set it to open Macrium. It works well actually, but but only when the computer is On. If the computer is Off and I press the button I get the menu shown below.

This menu above is the same as it was before I re-imaged the computer. I have tested it and the first 3 options still work as per usual. Actually, I'm quite pleased that these options are still working because I can use it to get into the UEFI without having to fiddle with F2 and making sure I get the timing right. However, if I select the 4th option it starts the computer instead of launching "System recovery". Obviously I can't expect it to start "system recovery" since the OneKey software is no longer on my system. What I would like to do is re-purpose this option do something else. Ideally, if it could launch some sort of recovery program that would be great. I have searched but haven't found a way to do that. I am open to suggestions.

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