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My one concern about this instance of svchost is that it is running as if your system is in startup rather than resuming from sleep.
There is something notable about this. Soon after my last post yesterday, I left the laptop in 'sleep' for a couple of hours. When I woke it, within minutes the freeze became active even more violently than it does at the usual times. Although I keep it in 'sleep' at night, I seldom do so during the day. That is why, before yesterday, I have not noticed it freezing, outside of the usual time table of morning and evening freezes. It was so violent that I could not get anything at all to move, not even the mouse cursor!
I'm thinking that a likely cause of this problem is an update program. As I've already mentioned they do delay starts which fits with the timing of the problem. The difficulty is that they don't usually cause problems every time you wake your PC so the following may make no difference. However, if your PC is waking from a deeper level than the usual sleep state then it is more likely. FYI, the ACPI spec has six sleep levels of which Windows mainly uses three: S0 screen off, S1 sleep, S4 hibernation.

As I've already said, you can use CCleaner to cleanup the Task Scheduler (Schedule) startup tasks (Tools menu button | Startup button | Scheduled Tasks tab). To find which one might be causing the problem you can disable all the update programs, restart your computer and see if the problem disappears. If this works then you can re-enable them one by one, restarting each time, and see which one causes the problem.

There's also a Windows method to view the Task Scheduler (Schedule service) tasks using Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Task Scheduler | Task Scheduler Library . This example resolves a problem with Adobe Flash Updater which has caused me problems in the past but is not at present.

Windows Update (wuauserv service) is a possible cause although I think it is very unlikely in your case. You can try the Windows Update Troubleshooter for Windows 7. I have seen it fix similar problems like this one and this one.
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