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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
This at least is a relief. I was worried that some unwanted programmes were mucking about in my computer.
What I have checked does not provide much assurance that there is no malware because some malware masquerades as normal processes. Further steps are needed if you have any suspicions at all. Better safe than sorry, as they say. After all, you are the one most likely to notice when something is different about how your computer runs.

While it is possible to check each process individually to confirm that is the real thing, it is much easier to just use antimalware scanners. I would scan with at least three products and I try to choose a mix of scanners that focus on different types of malware. My antivirus and Malwarebytes are always the first two and then I use whatever is in favor at the time.

I haven't used the products in Chiron's article How to Clean an Infected Computer but they are products with very good reputations too.
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