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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
That's an impressive set of screen shots which are very useful...
They weren't much good at first but since the camera shots turned out lousy I threw them way and edited these snips in Windows Live Photo Gallery and they came out OK.
The list of processes is as expected. None of the names are unexpected-svchost is not using any more memory than expected. It is 616,000KB in the screenshot which is normal.
This at least is a relief. I was worried that some unwanted programmes were mucking about in my computer.
If you had more physical memory then it would probably have gone higher, up to 50% more which would be closer to 800,000-900,000KB. After the "freeze" it should drop down under 500,000KB then minutes later down well under 100,000KB
Will try to spot this before using the Ccleaner to disable startup programmes
My one concern about this instance of svchost is that it is running as if your system is in startup rather than resuming from sleep.
There is something notable about this. Soon after my last post yesterday, I left the laptop in 'sleep' for a couple of hours. When I woke it, within minutes the freeze became active even more violently than it does at the usual times. Although I keep it in 'sleep' at night, I seldom do so during the day. That is why, before yesterday, I have not noticed it freezing, outside of the usual time table of morning and evening freezes. It was so violent that I could not get anything at all to move, not even the mouse cursor!
I tried to reproduce the situation but I don't get the same behavior on my Windows 7 system. So I'll have a search when I get some free time and see if anyone else has the same problem.
This is support beyond the call of duty. Thanks a million!

Kind regards,
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