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That's an impressive set of screen shots which are very useful because they show that instance of svchost and the running services appears normal:
  • The list of processes is as expected. None of the names are unexpected.
  • svchost is not using any more memory than expected. It is 616,000KB in the screenshot which is normal. If you had more physical memory then it would probably have gone higher, up to 50% more which would be closer to 800,000-900,000KB. After the "freeze" it should drop down under 500,000KB then minutes later down well under 100,000KB. You can check that yourself.
My one concern about this instance of svchost is that it is running as if your system is in startup rather than resuming from sleep. I tried to reproduce the situation but I don't get the same behavior on my Windows 7 system. So I'll have a search when I get some free time and see if anyone else has the same problem.

I would continue working on reducing the memory load by disabling startup programs and see if that brings any improvement
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