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Default Eudora 7.1 eMail list server

Originally Posted by The Entity View Post
Our business needs a replacement for Eudora. It works well enough except that it will not forward or reply with HTML. Nicely formatted orders revert to plain text when trying to forward a copy of the order to a customer. . . . .
If you are already a member of the Eudora email list, feel free to ignore this.

IF unaware of the Eudora 7.1 list, here's how to subscribe. Perhaps someone else has found a solution.

NOTE: EVERY COMMAND SENT TO THE GAZELLE SERVER *MUST* HAVE THE WORD "GAZELLE" SOMEWHERE IN THE SUBJECT LINE! If you forget to do this, your message will be ignored by the server -- that is, you will not receive a bounce, an error, or any other form of reply. FYI, the word "Gazelle" is case independent -- it may appear as "Gazelle," "gazelle," "gaZEllE," etc. It does not matter where the word appears on the Subject line.


The major current concern seem's be UTF-8 as implemented in WIN 10. Could be the final "Eudora killer". Seems a pity after all these years from Win 95 forward to Win 8.1 and still going strong.

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