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Using close to 100% of physical memory could be the problem because it will involve swapping memory data out to virtual memory on disk. You should be able to hear your hard drive operating even if you don't have a disk in-use indicator of any sort.

The first step in reducing high memory usage is to stop all but the most important programs that are using your precious memory. I would use CCleaner to disable startup programs that you don't need to have running all the time. Under the "Tools" menu you can view all your "Startup" items under various tabs including "Windows", your web browsers, and "Scheduled Tasks".

If you are unsure what to disable then ask here.

In the long run the best option, as others have already mentioned, is to increase the physical memory in your computer. There is lots of help, e.g. from PC Magazine on how to do this and you can probably find the exact process for your brand and model of laptop.
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