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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
There are many programs including device drivers and services that can schedule themselves to run with a delayed start. Google update and Adobe Reader do this. But I can't think of any that wait 600 seconds (ten minutes). Windows does wait 600 seconds to process group policy during Winlogon.
Actually it is about 20 mts. The 10 mts. is the time it takes for the freeze to begin, after I 'wake' the computer and start work on it. all my updates are selected for manual.
@Melita, I generally use a camera or phone to take a photo of the screen so I'm not dependent upon the resources that are tied up on my computer.
Do you mean, to connect a phone or camera to the computer and take screen shots, or to point either of them at the computer screen and shoot? I am new to this
Is the disk thrashing, i.e. working hard during the freeze?
Running out of physical memory can lead to disk-thrashing as Windows keeps having to load and unload items in physical memory to virtual memory which is stored on disk. If disk-thrashing is happening then the hard disk light will be on all the time during the freeze.
I have no disk light on my laptop.

Are you using up all your computer's physical memory?
In Task Manager you can check how much physical memory is used by Clicking on the "Performance" tab. There is a graph "Physical Memory Usage History" that will show you if you are running out of free physical memory which is the 2GB you have installed in your computer.

If you are running out of physical memory then you can use the "Processes" tab to see what is using a lot of "Memory (Private Working Set)" which you can sort by clicking on the column heading so the largest usage appears first.

If you are not running out of physical memory then there are other options we can look at.
I think I am running out of physical memory. I observed this value in the high nineties, during the freeze. I'll confirm this and the other details you ask for, after the next freeze.

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