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Hello Kendall.a,

Originally Posted by kendall.a View Post
Your svchost.exe appears to be using a ton of memory! I would encourage you to do a Google search for "svchost using alot of memory windows 7" or something similar. You will find a ton of listings. One such listing that might be helpful is:
There are a lot of possible reasons for this. It may take a fair amount of detective work to figure it out.
Thank you. I'll try to find some information as you suggest.

The significant thing is the timing. This always happens in the morning, 10 mts. after I wake up the computer from sleep. Before and after the freeze (lasting 20 to 30 mts.), the computer is almost as good as new! This also happens again towards late evening. I will observe to see whether there is also a particular time period before the evening event.

It looks to me like some programme that I am not running, is coming on automatically and unannounced, to bleed the computer resources. I wonder what the '10 mts' means.

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