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Hello Joe,

Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
Melita, most likely all or most of your system resources are in use at the time of these freezes so you won't be able to use the Snipping Tool. Most likely, when you were eventually able to take some screenshots the processes which were eating up your resources were no longer doing so. As a result, the screenshots you posted won't be of much help.
The freeze lasted about 20 mts. I got the snipping tool going twice during the freeze (on both occassions, after labouring for about 3 mts. and numerous mouse clickings). This is quite typical. As I mentioned in my first post, some activity is still possible but it takes an awfully long time. The snips are real time, taken actually during the freeze.

I noticed that svchost.exe was furiously active and that is what made me high light that on the snips. I got furiously active myself , with the snipping tool, to grab this during the freeze. Before and after the freeze, svchost.exe is not seen in Task manager. Even as I write this it is still missing!

Last evening too, I observed this identical activity of svchost.exe, only during the freeze, but I wanted to spend some time observing what is going on, before I posted here.
HTML Code:
You can drag the column as explained below to make sure it's in fact the CPU column.
I did, and it is the CPU.

The rest of your help is gratefully noted.

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