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Melita, most likely all or most of your system resources are in use at the time of these freezes so you won't be able to use the Snipping Tool. Most likely, when you were eventually able to take some screenshots the processes which were eating up your resources were no longer doing so. As a result, the screenshots you posted won't be of much help. Of course, if we can have screenshots that would be ideal, but since you can't obtain screenshots at the actual time when the freezes are taking place, the next best option would be to take a picture with a digital camera or smart phone and post that instead. Just make sure the picture is clear.

Looking at your screenshots, I believe what you highlighted were processes that were using a lot of RAM. However, in order to determine which processes may be using up your resources you must also look at CPU usage. From your screenshots, I believe the CPU column would be the one indicated below...

You can drag the column as explained below to make sure it's in fact the CPU column. And yes, you can leave Task Manager at the default. For that matter, let's not bother with Event Viewer, Process Monitor, etc. for now. Let's concentrate on what Task Manager has to show for now.

Expanding Task Manager Columns

First of all, keep in mind when you expand columns or the Task Manager window it will occupy more space on your screen.

1. To Expand a Column

Hover over the beginning or end of a column header. When the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow drag it to the right or left to increase or decrease the width of the column.

2. To Make the Task Manager windows bigger or smaller

If you add more columns or increase the width of the columns you may need to increase the size of the Task Manager window to see all the columns.

Hover over the right or left edge of the Task Manager window until the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow. Drag to adjust the width of the window. You can also drag a corner to resize two boundaries at once.

Note: I'm on Windows 8.1 so my Task Manager will look slightly different to yours.

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