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I got it all about the Clipboard. About `sleep` mode, I have been mislead. Once I read a post in a Microsoft forum, to the effect that it is a good idea to leave the computer in sleep mode overnight, so that it will start faster the next morning. This post was by one of their MVPs!
I know that earlier Anupam suggested that you turn off your computer every night. I don't do that. In fact, I probably hardly ever turn off my computer. I may re-boot it once a week or so, but I seldom ever turn it off.

You will find competing arguments online about whether it's best to turn a computer off at night or if you should leave it turned on. For me, I have my computer do some work while I'm sleeping. For example, I backup my files while I'm sleeping both to and to my external HD. I run a disk defrag at night once per week. I have my antivirus do it's updates and scan my computer at night when I sleep. I have all these things scheduled at specific times so that they don't overlap.

I know that this doesn't address at all the bigger issues that you are facing, but I just thought I'd share with you that lots of people leave their computers on all night.

P.S. I do not, however, use sleep mode or hibernation. I do have my monitor shut itself off after an hour of inactivity, but I do not sleep or hibernate my computer.
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