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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Melita, I had a look at the power settings from your Speccy report... and my advice would be to change Power Settings. Change the setting for "turning off hard drive" to 0 min... that is, never... on both battery, and AC power
I did this a few minutes ago.
Originally Posted by Sope View Post
How much RAM do you have?
How many programs do you have running in the background?
Please see attachment for Speccy report. I have deleted Network information, and to shorten the report, also the Microsoft update list which is very long.

Originally Posted by Sope View Post
Does this slow down only happen immediately after waking up from sleep mode or a restart, or does it happen at random times?
I usually keep the computer on ‘Sleep’ mode overnight. The problem always starts when I have been working on it for about 10 minutes, after I ‘wake’ the computer in the morning. When it happens in the evening (as mentioned in my first post), it is usually once only, at a random time.
Originally Posted by Sope View Post
Have you installed any new software recently?
No. In any event I restored the computer to a date prior to the start of the problem but it did not resolve it.
Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
Melita, what's the model number of your Acer laptop? I'll have a look around and see if I have better luck than you.
Acer 5250-BZ479. If you can`t find the exact one, the second part BZ479 may not be that important.
Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
As Anupam says, you don't have to change any settings in SpeedFan, but just in case, I found an article you may want to read.
Thank you for this one. Here is a screen shot of the Speedfan findings.


Originally Posted by Joe A.TT View Post
And oh, are you able to check Task Manager when these slowdown occur? You could also make a note of the time and check Event Viewer for clues.
May not be able to open the Task manager when it is frozen (I will try anyway), but Event Viewer is possible when it comes back to normal.

I got it all about the Clipboard. About `sleep` mode, I have been mislead. Once I read a post in a Microsoft forum, to the effect that it is a good idea to leave the computer in sleep mode overnight, so that it will start faster the next morning. This post was by one of their MVPs!

I have sent you a private message.


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