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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
This, I have not been able to do. Sometime back, for months I tried to find the disassembly instruction for this Acer model but without success. I went to every possible website on the Internet and found the details for dozens of Acer models but not this one.
Try searching for opening/disassembly for the model number on YouTube. Chances are, you might find it.

Anyways, if you do not feel comfortable, then do not open the laptop on your own. I have tried personally opening my laptop, and have broken a part of the side while trying to pry it open.. so, these things do happen.

Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
Do I just run the programme and wait for the results or have I to do any tweeking.I couldn't find any instructions on what to do, on the web site.
Just run SpeedFan, it will display the temperatures and all. It will be self-explanatory.. no need to make any tweaks.

Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
There is something wrong with my Windows clip board. It doesn't open when I click on 'Copy to clipboard'. I manually copied it to Notepad and pasted here.
It doesn't work that way (if it does, someone please correct me ). When you use "Copy to clipboard", the stuff just gets copied there, and then you it will appear when you paste it somewhere... in your case, the Notepad.

There are clipboard software, however, with advanced functions, like multiple copying and selective pasting, and will do what you probably want.


Melita, I had a look at the power settings from your Speccy report... and my advice would be to change Power Settings. Change the setting for "turning off hard drive" to 0 min... that is, never... on both battery, and AC power.

Monitor down time can be increased too, although that is not concerned with the issue.

You can read this article for power settings:
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