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Why do you leave the computer running overnight? Is the computer needed on the whole time for some reason?

If there is no reason to leave it on, then just turn off the computer, and give it some rest. I think that the issues you are having are caused for two reasons (although I could be wrong as I am not an expert)... the computer components specially the CPU being heated up because of long hours of operation, and the sleep mode.

Have you done a spring cleaning lately? CPU fan can get clogged with dust, and that can cause problems.

I have never liked the sleep function.. my own personal opinion. My computer remains on for most of the day, and I use the screensaver, and then the display off, to save power. I do not use the sleep mode. I turn off the computer when I go to sleep.

I guess the sleep mode on your computer is causing some problems... for reasons unknown. Someone with more knowledge might share more about it.
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