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Default Computer Freezes and Becomes Unusable

Acer 5250 laptop/Windows 7 Home Premium

All computer operations are degraded as described below. I usually keep the computer on ‘Sleep’ mode overnight. The problem always starts when I have been working on it for about 10 minutes, after I ‘wake’ the computer in the morning.

Browsers: Firefox and Internet Explorer both take 60 to 90 seconds to open with a further 20 to 30 seconds for the home page to load fully - All add-ons disabled.

Windows Explorer takes 30 seconds to open and a further 15 seconds to load the default page with Libraries.

To open any library – 20 to 30 seconds.

A plain and simple empty notepad - 20 seconds.

Even the Start Menu - 20 seconds.

Mouse cursor arrow becomes stuck on the screen.

The cooling fan seems to be laboring.

In short there is nothing of the computer that is not affected by this degradation.

Re-starting does not help.

If the problem crops up while a browser or any other system or application window is open, everything freezes and the computer becomes unusable. The mouse cursor turns to the hour glass symbol indicating activity and stays that way, but everything is frozen. Unable to do anything; even to close a browser, a tab or a window takes about 3 minutes after I click to close.

The only choice I have is to leave the computer, frozen as it is for 20 to 30 minutes. When I come back after that, everything is normal and the computer behaves as if it was never up to any mischief! This happy situation prevails for the rest of the day, but towards evening, the whole drama is played again exactly as it did in the morning. Just like in the morning it lasts for 20 to 30 minutes.

I did find something I think is significant. Any attempt to switch off the computer (after closing all programs that I had running at the time), results in the usual “Waiting for background programs to close” window, of Win 7, to appear and remain blank for about 90 seconds. At the end of 90 seconds, the message, “Task host is executing shutdown tasks and stopping tasks that are already running” message appears in that window. Altogether it takes about 1 minute 45 seconds for the “logging off” screen to appear and the Shut down process to begin. This message, “Task host is executing………..” started appearing only from the time that I started having this problem, 2 months ago. Before that, since I got the computer 4 years ago, I never saw this message. When I restart after shutting down, the start up is quite fast and normal.

When the computer is not affected by this problem both Shut down and Start up is quite fast and normal.

When it is not misbehaving the computer works as good and as fast as it did, when I bought it in 2011.

I have scanned and cleaned the computer with ESET on line scanner, Adwcleaner, and Ccleaner. Only the Babylon toolbar was found and removed. What else can I do? I need help very badly

Thank you,

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