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You have Microsoft Office Click-To-Run (CTR) - here's an overview for the 2010 version. It does not matter how many modules of Microsoft Office you are running.

CTR does not install itself in the usual manner using an MSI installer. Instead, CTR runs and is installed in a separate virtualized environment that does not affect any normal install of Microsoft Office. The Q drive is the "virtual file system drive" necessary for this virtualized environment to store the Microsoft Office CTR programs, add-ons, and configuration information:
Click-to-Run uses virtualization technology to run an Office product in a self-contained, virtual environment on the local computer. This isolated environment provides a separate location for the Office product files and settings to be stored so that they donít change other applications that are already installed on the computer.
The Q drive appears in disk management because it is not a true "phantom" drive assignment. It provides access to real data even though it is not data that is normally accessible to you.

You can remove the Q drive by editing the registry but that prevents CTR running. If you are happy with that outcome then it is better to uninstall CTR rather than using RegEdit.

If you want to continue to use CTR then you will have to put up with the Q drive.
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