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Tile tab stack in this latest version is good, very useful to me. Its a bit like split screen in Maxthon, only you can split the screen into more than two, depending on how many tabs you have in the stack.

I prefer it to switching between two open tabs for some things, and it works well.

Cleared up the issue with the auto update. Seems they loaded a future version for release by mistake, they soon corrected it, but reading their blog it appears that some users actually got the download. They say it incorporates the new built in mail feature, although it isn't working yet. Anyway, the auto updater now shows the browser as up to date so problem solved.

I've messed around with the browser, breaking it a couple of times, trying stuff I suppose I really shouldn't so I've had to clean install Vivaldi a couple more times. I was reluctant to do this previously, but now I can backup my bookmarks to HTML and re-import them to a fresh install it's not so much of a pain. And I can soon re-set the browser to how I previously had it now - extensions etc.

Also, the added mouse gesture to open a new tab is proving useful and I'm using the built in notes feature much more. Notes is a good feature in Vivaldi and works well.

Clicking around the UI of the browser is much more responsive than previous builds, the browser itself is much snappier than it previously was. It doesn't lag as much.

The extensions work well, better than in early builds, although you still don't get the address bar icons. I have five installed. History Eraser, Magic Actions for YouTube, Scroll To Top Button, ÁBlock and WOT.

They seem to work better now that you can install them directly from the Chrome Store, as opposed to the earlier work around methods I was using - .crx files etc. ÁBlock definitely works better now, and by using History Eraser to clear the browser I don't lose my speed dial images like I do if I clear the browser via History - Clear browsing data. The speed dials don't go back to black, which I think is a bug.

It's also good to be able to choose the location for downloaded files now, which you couldn't do with earlier builds. I prefer downloads to the desktop, and now that's possible - as is any other location.

All in all, this build is the best one so far, for me. I'm happy to trash it around and clean install it if need be. I'm learning by trial and error what can and cannot be done with it to date. I'm picking up stuff form their forum and blog from various users, although I have no desire to join up and post there with my thoughts. I recognise some of the characters there from the Opera forums and blog, the rude and argumentative ones who offer not much in the way of help but seem to like to ridicule or insult people who come to seek help or offer input. Loonies in other words. I don't find their input to be very constructive either. But there are some posters there who offer up some good ideas and advice so they're worth a read. It's all a learning curve at the end of the day, for everybody. I just hope the loonies don't spoil their forums - but time will tell.

Sorry for the thread bump - again. Just some more observations and thoughts for anyone on here who is using Vivaldi and might find them of use.
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