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Some valuable feedback there Remah which I'm sure potential users of either distro will find useful.

I too experienced the restart issue with Neptune but this went away once the system had been updated. Sometimes these things can be theme specific too.

Regarding looks, I'm invariably not satisfied with the defaults served up and change pretty much everything including fonts, font sizes, window borders and icons. Sometimes I will use a different icon theme and even change the home folder icons manually to something else. Just depends on how I feel at the time. With KDE of course even the colors for menus, highlights, tool tips and other stuff can be changed so a completely personalized look is only limited by your own imagination.

I'd always thought the language updates were the result of me having to select English for the system language but Portuguese (Brazil) for the keyboard layout but obviously not. Even so, I often have to juggle the settings to get stuff like Conky and Superkaramba to display in English, even though the system already does.

Some dual boot installs are easier than others with a simple "install xxx alongside Windows" , choice, but others are not. The good news, although granted this needs learning once, is once you have a dual boot setup it's pretty straightforward to use the manual install option to replace the existing Linux with something else.

I've never had the luxury of an automatic network connection and have always had to configure my DSL for the live + install session. Occasionally (Solus) this would still be there after the install completed but mostly I have to re-configure it all over again. On top of that, the new modem now forced upon me by my secondary ISP for mobile broadband does not work with any distro I have tried it with so when my cable goes down I'm forced to use Windows. No doubt there is some geeky option using modeswitch or by editing the network files that the likes of you could sort out in 30 seconds but for the greater challenged such as myself, if it doesn't work when I plug it in I'll take the next easiest option.
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