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Another update. Version available to download;

Mouse gestures are back, and improved. Quite a few changes in this version so read the page for better info on those.

When I first did the update, which was an auto update via the program, the mouse gestures still didn't work. I got to thinking that maybe I'd trashed my original install of the browser a bit too much over the past few weeks. So I decided to start afresh with a clean install.

Backed up my bookmarks, uninstalled Vivaldi, and started again with a fresh install of this latest version. Things run much better, so imported my bookmarks, re-installed my extensions and now everything is pretty much back as it was and running fine.

One thing, obviously a bug, is that on start-up the auto updater keeps offering me a newer version. Click to update and I get a pop up window asking for a user name and password. So I just click the 'remind me later' option. No big deal, I'll try investigate further.

Glad I decided to do a clean install, it runs much better. Maybe would have been more of a pain if I hadn't used my work around bookmark manager URL which enabled me to back up to HTML, then import them from the same HTML file. Worked perfect, and after a bit of reorganising I'm back to where I was with bookmarks and speed dial.

Also good to see the Vivaldi devs responding quickly to release a newer version to replace the previous one, which was very buggy indeed - for me at least.
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