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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
Pardon me MC.
Last tried Manjaro KDE but, being unfamiliar with one of the two installers... had to re-install Windows.
So, do you have a 1,2,3 dual-boot method for Windows 7 handy?
Have unallocated ready.
Unfortunately, the current Manjaro will not install as a dual boot using the graphical installer. It will do so using the CLI installer, but this method can be a challenge for anyone who is unfamiliar with it.
Most other distros will offer an "install alongside Windows" option which should be OK but as with any major system operation, you should always keep a Windows image handy in case of problems.

Having chosen which distro you want to dual boot with, if you Google "dual boot xxxxx Linux with Windows" you will usually find a step by step guide.
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