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Hugheen, you have not replied directly to any of the questions that were asked to you.

If you want people to help you, you need to pay attention to what was asked, and you need to provide answers. Otherwise, it is difficult for anyone to help you.

Name of your email service provided was asked, but you did not give a direct reply to it. You mentioned the service though, so I am guessing it's Frontier Mail. I checked, and that mail service is hosted on Yahoo. So, as I wrote in my post earlier, it is possible that the mails you are sending are being considered as spam. I will repeat again, do you have a signature in your email that contains any links? Or, the email service itself might be adding its link to the emails you send.

If this issue continues, get in touch with the email service.

Joe had asked you for the URL... you haven't shared it.

I had asked about your browser, version, extensions, antivirus... you haven't replied to any of them.
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