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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
[*]A second step, which is a pro of using Linux, could be to dual boot your Windows computer by installing Linux as well. Then you can run both.[/LIST]
I would suggest this is definitely the way to go unless you have a spare machine. This will enable you to run both systems together for an accurate comparison based on the same hardware specs. Also, if you decide to stick with Windows it's a simple operation to restore the Windows boot loader to your MBR and remove the Linux installation.

There are already plenty of threads here and in other places with opinions as to which Linux is "best". I would advise first to browse our screenshot threads (working from the last page forwards for examples of the latest releases) to see which you like the look of and then try out a few using a live session first. Bear in mid that some of those featured in the screenshots have already been customized but it only takes a matter of minutes to radically change the default look.
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