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Thank you Anupam and Midnight Cowboy for your responses. I've solved the "unusual activity"
mystery, (not very mysterious). I'm on two forums, not large may 40 people each and I send out emails to both on occasion. For some reason an automatic process in Frontier mail interprets this as possible spam and shuts email down. This is new because I've been using the forums for years. I deliberately send out two rounds of emails to both in about ten minutes and sure enough down went the email. A nuisance but I'll have to learn to live with it or change email providers.

The other "tracking" issues is more problematic to me since there doesn't seem to be any
reasonable response to it, in fact, I did a long hard search on Google and came up with nothing.

I'm using an Acer mini-tower and XP (yeah, I know). I only use it for Youtube videos, sports events, etc. on a large Samsung monitor. The videos were archived ones from the Irish Uprising
They ran find but on three of them I got the "tracking" and "beeps" I went back on a subsequent day and ran them again no tracking or beeps.

I thought somehow that they were from the videos but that seems unlikely given three different videos. I'll do some further checking to see if they were from the same source and let you know and will provide the requested URL.

Disturbing but interesting.

Thanks again.

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