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I'm not a fanboy who likes to hype one up and bash the other, I happily used XP until it's demise, then I tried several Linux distributions before settling on Linux Mint.

If you've got an up-to-date version of Windows and are happy with it then why not stick with it?

One area where Windows may be the better choice is gaming, although Linux is coming on strong in that field.

If you're into video editing, or image editing, and are accustomed to using e.g. Power Director or PaintShopPro then what's available for Linux may seem a little disappointing in comparison.

Otherwise, you might find that pretty much what you use on Windows is available for and works pretty much the same in Linux.

So, if you're not a power user in any particular field but just an average user (whatever one of those is) you'll probably find there's a version of Linux that suits you just fine. You'll still need to protect your browser with Ad-Block Plus, NoScript, etc, but you can forget all those endless security programs you need on Windows.

If you want to sample Linux then, as Anupam says, try some LiveCDs. You can do most things from a LiveCD, just bear in mind an installed version will be quicker.
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