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Good question. Many people will have different views on it though .

Pros of using Linux:
Free OS.

Many choices and variety to choose from. No need to install before using. Just download the live CD, boot from it, and experience the OS. If you like it, install it on the hard drive. If not, next to another.

A very secure OS. Does not even require installing an antivirus. Therefore, less tension about security.

Can be customized easily.

Fast boot and shutdown.

More points can be added by those who have been using Linux.

Cons of using Linux:
Being a different OS from Windows, many things will be different, and therefore, a learning curve will be involved, right from installation. Although, the basic operations remain the same. So, if you want to use Linux, you will have to have patience, and give time to learn it.

The many choices and variety to choose from can be a disadvantage in itself, as for a newbie, and even for some old ones, the sheer number of choices can be confusing.

Lack of drivers for Linux means that it will be trouble getting some hardware to work.

You might have trouble finding software for some purpose, for which it was easily available in Windows. You might have to search around.

If you run into problems, it might take a while to search for solutions. Depending on the problem, you may find the solution easily, or have to search around a lot.
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