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Weekly snapshot;

Best to read the known issues before installing this version.

Known issues

Mouse gestures is broken at the moment
Import of bookmarks broken except from Chrome
Import of passwords from Chrome does not work while Chrome is running
Vivaldi crashes when you open new tab after putting tabs on the side
Context menu on page sometimes does not trigger before second attempt

As it stands, and briefly reading a few posts on their blog, this version would appear to be a bit more buggy than previous builds - which is to be expected with the browser being still in the early stages of development.

So just a caution, if you do install these weekly builds, and the known issues in this one might be a hassle to you (mouse gestures in my case) then you may want to stick with the build you already have installed until these issues are ironed out.

That said, I went ahead and updated it anyway. Mouse gestures definitely don't work but the browser and its settings updated no problem.
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