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Originally Posted by SirVivor4now View Post
This may be impossible but is there any free way to get from Windows XP to Windows 8.1?
Sorry, but there is no free way. You have to buy a license for Windows 8.1. Also, if you intend to buy it, it would be better to wait for a few months, and go for Windows 10, which will be quite better than Windows 8.

If you had Windows 7 or 8 already on your PC, Windows 10 would have been a free upgrade for you for the first year, as announced by Microsoft. But as you are still on XP, you have to buy Windows 10.

Originally Posted by SirVivor4now View Post
I got 13 bad drivers
How do you know you have 13 bad drivers? How did you arrive at this conclusion? Did you use any software to determine that? Which software?

Originally Posted by SirVivor4now View Post
my disc drive only opens with a paperclip. Is there any freeware that will fix that stuff?
The disc drive matter is concerned with hardware, and so there cannot be any freeware fix for that. If it is quite old, time to replace it.

What other issues are you facing with your computer? How old is it?

If there are loads of problems, probably it would be a good idea to get it formatted, and reinstall Windows again.
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