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Hugheen, if you frequently face such problems, then my suggestion is that you should seek the help of a local professional technician there. If possible, get your computer formatted and install fresh Windows. That will make sure that whatever malware (if any) is there, then that is removed. Then, make sure you have proper antivirus, and other security features installed on your system with a safe browser with proper security extensions.

For banking and other such sensitive purposes... perhaps you should learn to use Linux live CDs, where you boot the computer from a CD/DVD, do your banking work, and then log off, and then your normal system for daily work.

All these suggestions because most of the time, what you describe, would be best diagnosed by someone who can see your system and see for himself the problems you write about.

The descriptions you write for your problems are not understandable otherwise.

Originally Posted by Hugheen View Post
First and maybe not so mysterious is my email shuts down for seven hours, no access. No problem at provider in my state. When I finally get on I have two bounced emails with the message: Code 475, unusual activity detected.
No unusual activity I can see, nothing i have not done before many times.
Tech support has no answer.
You haven't told here, which email service are you talking about. You need to provide proper details of your problem so that it can be understood by everyone.

On my search, I found this code to be associated with Yahoo email. So, is that Yahoo you are talking about? If yes, then several users have reported this problem with Yahoo. In one of the replies by Yahoo to one of them, they said that if they had any website links in their signature, it can cause such problems.

Originally Posted by Hugheen View Post
Second I go on Youtube to look at some old archive videos of the Irtish Uprising in 1916 on St. Patrick's Day. On at least on three of the videos I get a large message "TRACKING" that runs across the screen and along with that some beeping noises that sound like what one would get on a telephone. Never happened before on this type of material or any other for that matter.
Again, the issue is not clear. Maybe you should take a screenshot and post it.

"Tracking" was running inside the video screen or on your browser? Sounds were in the video, or from your system?

You need to provide proper details.

Which browser do you use? What version? What extensions do you have? Which antivirus do you have on your system? What is the version of your Windows?

That's why my suggestion is to take help locally.
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