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Question Unusual activity

So I'm deep in the throes of persistent paranoia.

First and maybe not so mysterious is my email shuts down for seven hours,
no access. No problem at provider in my state. When I finally get on I have two bounced emails with the message: Code 475, unusual activity detected.
No unusual activity I can see, nothing i have not done before many times.
Tech support has no answer.

Second I go on Youtube to look at some old archive videos of the Irtish Uprising
in 1916 on St. Patrick's Day. On at least on three of the videos I get a large
message "TRACKING" that runs across the screen and along with that some
beeping noises that sound like what one would get on a telephone.
Never happened before on this type of material or any other for that matter.

I've tired hard today to get some sort of explanation on Youtube and Google but nothing even close.

Any ideas? I've had illegal credit card charges so I am concerned.


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