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Originally Posted by Burn-IT View Post
That's fine.
I wasn't intending to criticise you, but more to promote further explanations for less knowledgeable people.

Yes I did mean Disk Doctor, which I still use.
At the time, Disk Doctor was a much needed addition because it was so easy to use. I'm so grateful that the situation is much improved today. Disk utilities are so much better and we don't have to use floppy disks anymore - they failed much more often.

Unfortunately, the frustration of failing storage devices still remains.

People get upset when their disk or memory fails while using a utility that was recommended for diagnosing or repairing their problem. Many blame the utility, naturally, because they don't understand that a specific disk or memory location is in the process of failing.

It is even more upsetting when they are able to repair the errors and everything seems OK for a while. Then there is a sudden catastrophic failure and they realize that the problems they were having were warnings of a more serious failure. It's a bad feeling when you realize that you've lost it all and might have saved it by getting a complete disk image before the failure is complete.
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