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Hi Jim. I kind of figured huffingtonpost was one of the sites that annoy you. A few months ago I help a friend in another forum to figure The one for the UK seems pretty similar. This particular site is really nasty with too many scripts being loaded. But really only a few domains are required for videos or pictures. Sites like this one make it a good reason to use NoScript.

Whitelist for videos in Nothing else is required.

The link below, with pictures at the bottom of the page, also work by only allowing.

This one from For videos. Changes little from the one for the UK.

For pictures in

From the French site, is also similar. Changes from one country to the next are little.

What I wrote above is pretty much all you need to allow in huffington post. The rest is garbage and not required. If you only allow what I wrote above, you get no popups. I ll check the dailymail later and tell you what I see.

Enjoy it, Jim. NoScript is really easy and works perfectly for nasty sites like huffingtonpost.

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