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Default Why I am getting fed up with the internet

Despite having just about every popup and ad blocker known to man and adjusting every setting in flash, bash, dash and any other display medium, I wish every site could note the following:

1. I KNOW your site (and just about all others) uses cookies, so I don't need a popup for me to click every time I visit.
2. I do not want a popup showing me "other things that may interest me." I am intelligent enough to find them for myself.
3.If I want to view a video on your site I will click on it myself. If you run it automatically I just go somewhere else.
4. When I read an article on your (newspaper?) site I right-click and open it in a new tab so that (when I have read it) I can close that tab and go back to your main page and read the next one that interests me. If you refresh the main page while I am reading and take it back to the top of your main page so I have to scroll through again to find my place I just get annoyed and go somewhere else.
5. I don't want to follow you on twitter, twatter, facebook, linkedin, linkedout or any other "social medium" so I don't need to see icons for them.

Why can't I just read something on the interweb, close the page when finished and go somewhere else?
I must be getting even more old and grumpy!
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