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Hi Joe ... I remembered that there's an alternative route to the New Connection dialogue (i.e. the toolbar button) so I just tried that with a fresh extraction of Carot and it works fine for me.

So, no idea why it wouldn't work for you before, but I'm glad to hear you got it all sorted anyway.

The interface ... at the moment I'm running Windows 7 with a third-party Snow Leopard theme. Just out of interest I reset Windows to the default Aero theme, and Carot still has a Win32-style GUI. So I don't know why you have a Metro-style GUI ... are you in Windows 8 maybe?

I also have Classic Shell installed but that doesn't seem to alter other Metro-style software so again I'm at a loss to explain the difference : )

I'm due a system restore though, so when I do that I'll try Carot in a vanilla Windows and see what happens.
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