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@sicknero, I must have tried half a dozen times yesterday but I never saw a captcha. Also, every time I tried to make a connection I used the button/icon in the menu bar (see below) instead of New Connection from File.

However, since you did it from File I decided to try it that way too. Success!! I couldn't believe it. And this time I saw the captcha too. Still, I don't think it should make a difference whether I use the button or go from File. That said, I decided to try the button again and was able to connect this time. That got me. I have thought about it over and over and I still can't understand what I did differently between yesterday and today. Even so, I must say that I do appreciate your sticking with me. Thanks again.

BTW, I notice your CarotDAV interface is different from mine. Are you using a theme or something?
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