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- Confirm that you want to give CarotDAV permission to access your Dropbox ...

- Then go back to CarotDAV and click "OK" in the Web Authorisation dialogue and again in the Connection Setting dialogue. You could also click "Test" just to see if it's all working but it isn't necessary.

And that's it ... if it still isn't working for you then I'm at a bit of a loss sorry. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe your browser (an add-on perhaps) is somehow interfering in the process? Maybe you could try setting another browser to system default (or just type the authorisation URL into a different browser) and see if it helps.

I've had a look at the security settings in my Dropbox account and I can't see anything there except for "two step verfication" ... I have that disabled.

*Edit ... I just noticed that in your screenshot of the Dropbox sign-in page, there's no captcha. Maybe you have an ad-blocker or script blocker or some such which is preventing the page from displaying properly?

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