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On number 2. You can have shortcuts opening sandboxed by right clicking the shortcut, Hover over Send to, Click DefaultBox. Or, Drag and drop the shortcut to a sandboxed webpage thats already open. The reason the shortcut runs out of the sandbox when you click it is because you are using the free version.

On number 1. Yes, you can. In my opinion, it is unnecessary (your AV already scanned downloads as they got downloaded) but you can do it if you want to. To scan sandboxed files, go to the Sandbox folder in C drive. Either scan the entire folder or navigate inside the folder using an unsandboxed Windows explorer, find your download and scan it by right clicking it. Most AV scan files OK in there, thats the way it should work. But sometimes, when there is a conflict, they dont. Tell me the AV that you are using now. And the OD scanners that you have.

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