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Originally Posted by pepelpue00 View Post
Every time I try to install either one of the SSDs(I only have one of them installed at the time of windows installation), I get the message "bootmgr missing". This is on a clean SSD with nothing on it.
You have not explained yourself properly here. When you say you try to install one of the SSDs (which you say is clean), you mean to say that you plug in the SSD in the system, and then try to install Windows 7 on it, from DVD?

Or, do you mean something else?

If you are trying to install Windows 7 on the SSD from the DVD, which is what I am guessing you are doing... then it seems like the system is not booting from the DVD somehow... it's trying to boot from the SSD, and when it does not find any OS on it, it displays the bootmgr missing error.

You have already said that DVD is set to boot first in the BIOS. But, when you plugin the SSD, it might be changing somehow. So, when you plug in the SSD to the system, and you are ready to install Windows... when the system boots, once again go into the BIOS, and make sure that the DVD is selected to boot first.

Do you get the message "Press any key to boot from the CD", when the SSD is plugged in, and the system tries to boot from the DVD? Do you remember to press any key?

Also read this link about SSD, and your motherboard:
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