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Default help with "bootmgr missing" problem


I recently wanted to upgrade from mechanical HD to SSD. So I purchased two SSDs, kingston 120gb & PNY 480gb ssds for my Intel dx58so motherboard.

Every time I try to install either one of the SSDs(I only have one of them installed at the time of windows installation), I get the message "bootmgr missing". This is on a clean SSD with nothing on it. To top if off, when it say to press CTRL + ALT + DEL for restart, my keyboard completely freezes and I have to use the restart button on the case to restart the computer. When I install the same SSD drives on my Asus system, I can format them, write on them and erase the files on them.
Funny thing is that, If I only have the DVD drive with the Windows 7 DVD inside, the system takes me all the way to windows 7 installation menu with not hickups. But when I attache either one of the SSDs to the system, then I get the "bootmgr missing" message and the keyboard freezes. The Intel MB is set to AHCI in the bios and the boot sequence is DVD>HDD>Network.
I appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks
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