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ok no worries, Anupam. Thanks.

Forgot to mention that you also get WOT in the right click context menu to 'open WOT scorecard' so you can check links on any page before opening them, if you want to. So it's working as it should, apart from no icon. As a rule, I don't like searching without WOT. It's served me well over the years, and although there are workarounds to use it in other browsers that don't support it I much prefer to have it available via the extension. So it's a big plus.

Both these extensions are very easy to install. Tried a few others but no luck, didn't work. The AdBlock extension works better than the built in content blocker, so just using that. The built in blocker was letting a few stuff through for me, like those annoying uTube ads. AdBlock gets rid of pretty much everything. Much better.
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