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Installed WOT extension now. Same again, no UI icon but the extension shows up in Vivaldi extensions page. I get the WOT ratings in all search results with the engines I've tried; Google, Bing, DDG, Ixquick, Startpage etc. Clicking on red links also brings up the WOT warning.

Kept on having a few niggly issues with my WOT URL code, and can't be bothered changing DDG settings every time I clear browsing data. So thought I'd give it a go (the extension) and it works. Not perfect because of the lack of UI icon, but good enough. Again, it doesn't seem to be having any negative impact on Vivaldi performance.

Sorry to bump the thread - just random experiments and thoughts. Got the set up exe ready now in case I break it again, but so far Vivaldi's running fine with the two extensions installed.
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