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Installed an extension, AdBlock, following a post on Vivaldi forum. Works perfect. Thought I'd try it mainly just to see if it worked, but also to see if it would override the page action/content blocker issue - where it re-sets on browser close.

I'd prefer the built in blocker to be honest, so the extension will be temporary until the next build. Anyway, the extension works, no icon in the UI but that doesn't bother me. Just open chrome extensions page and the options are there, and you can also delete it from there if required. The extension doesn't seem to have any detrimental effect on Vivaldi, or its performance.

Also, I read a post where someone reported that closing the browser while the settings window was open broke the browser. Tried it, it's correct. On trying to open the browser all that loads is the settings window, not the browser. So had to uninstall Vivaldi and start again - fresh download and install. So just thought to post that here for anyone who might be tinkering around with Vivaldi. Make sure you close the settings window before closing the browser.

AdBlock installed, and WOT in DDG via my URL. That's all I need for now.
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