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The forum that torres linked to is a good thing, a good place to search if you come across any issues, chances are the answers may be on there. It's certainly taking some initial hammer - the forum, but maybe it'll speed up once things settle. Doesn't seem too bad for me at the moment, page loading speed.

One slight glitch I noticed here. If I open a new tab and load a site, the hide images, page actions and zoom function are sometimes dead - greyed out. But by moving the cursor over the zoom slide bar - not the round zoom button - and clicking, the buttons then become active and I can access them.

One thing I do like is the choice of search engines, DDG, StartPage etc - although no Bing, and the ability to manage and delete selected engines, and also adding your own choices. The browser isn't Google-ized. Opera still fails to give you the option to delete them - or set your own choice as default. Revenue, I know. But still .....

Also, the invert filter is a bit wild on the eyes - in a freaky sort of way, and I prefer the black and white filter to greyscale as it boldens and sharpens the text, enhances it, for my eyes at least.

Qualys shows the browser as Google Chrome v: 40.0.2214.89. The latest is v: 40.0.2214.93 so maybe the next update will address that - or Qualys gets it wrong. Dunno.

Also had a rummage around in vivaldi flags but don't think I'll mess with it or attempt to change anything just yet. Maybe wait until future releases. Quite happy to use as is at the moment.
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