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I like the idea of a built in content/ad blocker, as opposed to an extension. Messing about with the filters, there's something mildly pleasing about reading on online newspaper in grayscale, black and white or whatever. The page actions button is a nice touch, I think.

Notes, I've missed in Opera. They've taken it a step further here with the screen capture feature and I like the idea of that as well. I've not used Spartan so can't comment there, but interesting that it's along similar lines. It's a useful tool to have and Opera dropped the ball when they did away with notes.

Tab stacking, if I'm not mistaken was also a feature in the old Opera. Dunno about Firefox but it has been used before. Some will find it useful - and I like the way the tabs change colour for each site in Vivaldi. This is to be a feature of the new Yandex browser - and tabs at the bottom. Surprising how many people prefer the option to have tabs at the bottom of the browser.

Early days, but very promising. Innovation. Good to see.
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