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Thanks for that, MC ..... much appreciated

Like many other Opera users, I've been kind of searching for something that has the previous Opera feel to it. I've come close, but ultimately that browser has proved to be illusive for so many reasons. With this, Vivaldi, I actually feel like I may have found it. To me, it feels more like Opera than Opera itself - if that makes sense.

Still like and use the latest Opera, so in no way am I criticising it. It's a good browser. But there are still things missing, that shouldn't be. Maybe this link explains it more;

Obviously this technical preview of Vivaldi is just giving people a taster of what's to come, but right from the start it feels like I could migrate over to it. Something that new Opera never gave the feel of at first.

I have no doubt that Vivaldi will succeed in the areas where Opera falls short.
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