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Interesting that, i'll probly have a look at it but 16 tracks isn't really enough for me to do any kind of serious project. It would need to be lighter on the system than Krystal Audio and especially Audacity to be a serious freeware contender i think.
Fair comment, I mean this obviously won't be aimed at professional studios. Must say though I don't think I've ever used more than 16 tracks for recording bands and my own music tends towards being a bit minimalistic. I agree that resource usage might be a concern, going by the requirements of their commercial software. I'm hoping though that this cutdown version - for instance I don't think it will include video support - along with the typical user that this release will be aimed at, should mean that the minimum requirements are a bit less demanding.

On the other hand I think the name and reputation alone will make this a definite contender for many people.

Your comment puts me in mind of what a relatively recent advance unlimited tracks is, and how much great music in the past was recorded without even the luxury of 16 tracks.

Makes me a bit nostagic about early days on an Atari STe as well, before even digital audio recording was easily available

I've never really tried Kristal but isn't the free one also 16 tracks and quite limited with regard to VST slots? I've been using Reaper for ages now ... it took me a little while to get used to it but I'm very impressed with it considering it's (effectively) unlimited freeware. I think it's come on loads in the last couple of years although you do need a decent rig to get the best out of it. But then I think the same is true for any DAW.

I like Audacity but the lack of real-time VST processing puts me off using it much.

Thanks for the link! I've now signed up and I'm looking forward to trying out this software.
Same here, I'm really quite excited about it I'm especially lookiing forward to trying out some ProTools instruments and effects.

It will be interesting too I think to see if this sets a precedent, and whether any of the other big names will follow suit.

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