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Originally Posted by Ivtec View Post
Anybody knows how to get rid of this! i can close the x and exit but this showing at boot is anoying,thanks

Hi vandamme: i also installed Mint 17.1 Rabeca XFCE in a Emachines with Pemtium 4 and it rus good but when i boot to the Desktop i have the Teminal with this script see pic.

bash: /usr/bin/mint-fortune: No such file or directory
frank@frank-desktop ~ $
Well as i don't like to spend too much time to figure issues out, i just re-installed mint 17.1 again and now all good.Next time i run on these issues just go back to Xubuntu 14.04, for now i'll give a chance to mint 17.1 rebeca for awhile.
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